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rourke & rupert

Rourke and Rupert are two members of the quintet of robots that are debuting this month at a local library show.  My artist statement below perhaps best sums up my feeling about these quirky creations.

I like to think of myself as a collector of memories. Sometimes these memories are my own, the type we all have from a life of growing, changing, working, interacting, living, and loving. But, I also collect a different sort of memories: those that are not my own and whose very essence will forever remain a mystery to me. Years of scavenging through flea markets, tag sales, and thrift stores has left me with quite the collection of various odds and ends: everything from button boxes to old photographs of strangers to miscellaneous hardware and Scrabble tiles. I consider all of these objects to be “memory-holders” who’ve lost their owners. While their memories may not be known to me, someone, somewhere is connected to them. I sometimes wish I knew just some of the many stories behind the…

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