hedgehogs for lily

One of our favorite friends, Lily, turns 3-years-old today.  And her favorite things, as of late, are hedgehogs.  Lily would be one of our favorites even if she didn't love hedgehogs, but the fact that she does makes her all the sweeter.

As you can imagine, no birthday gift other than handcrafted hedgehogs would do for little Lily.  I was beginning to worry that Harriet the Felted Hedgehog had some mouse-like characteristics, but the moment Lil saw her, she smiled, hugged Harriet, and exclaimed, "Hedgie!"  That's a birthday success, if you ask me.


lauren said…
hedgehogs are my favorite little creatures and your versions are just ADORABLE!! thank you for sharing your work! i love to see your creations!
*lauren [a friend of carly's]
Mandi said…
I absolutely LOVE these little guys!
Merand said…
It was a success! And thank you so much for your beautiful work on Lily's behalf! I have to remind myself that Harriet is meant to be played with but I'm tempted to keep her on a shelf to protect her perfectness for years. :)
Mom said…
What a darling little hedgehog!! I'm sure little Lily will love little Harriet for years to come:-)

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