u is for underwater

There's just something about aquariums and underwater creatures that sparks a long-abandoned dream in me. When I was in middle school and first had to think about what I wanted to do with the rest of my life, I probably pondered many things. But, I remember meeting with my high school counselor during my freshman year and having a decision in my mind. As I sat in her office, a shy and painfully insecure teenager, I perhaps grew just a bit in my confidence levels when she asked what career I wanted to pursue. "I want to be a marine biologist," I stated quickly. Looking back, a more accurate statement would have been that, while I was absolutley clueless about what the position would entail, I wanted desperately to swim with dolphins. And that, at the time, was enough to ensure that the job would be to my liking. The whole idea of riding a dolphin just seemed exciting and completely outside of my safe little realm. Now, seemingly so different from that 13-year old kid, I wonder what life would be like had I actually pursued that naive dream. Dolphins still intrigue me and their communication still fascinates, but I can't imagine myself surrounded by so much science, being so far removed from the art field that has drawn me in and refuses to let me go. So, for now, I will be content with occasional trips to aquariums, children's museums, and beaches where the call of the ocean is faint but still audible enough to keep me wondering.


Roo said…
AWW I love this! That one seahorse with the big belly is so adorable. He looks like he ate too much and his belly is about to explode :) I think you should follow your dream of being a marine biologist. Deep down, maybe it's something you really want to do....hmm? OH, I know the perfect plan! You will swim with the dolphins and I will photograph them! OK, so basically every business plan we have for our lives inludes each other somehow. I think you and Dan should move to Arizona with me :) Whatta ya think?
Emily said…
I wonder what other things would come up for you in career aptitude tests besides art. Might be interesting to find out! Ha ha or maybe I'm just trying to make you another guinea pig for the tests we're doing in my Careers class. Maybe you've seen in my journal that this stuff has me REALLY intrigued about people lately. Mine was fun.

Dolphins...and Killer whales. THOSE would be fun to work with... I love 'em! :-)
Holta said…
I love the drawing of the sea horses. I never knew that you liked the sciences and dolphins. Well in order to satisfy your longing for the lost dream you can take a part-time job at the aquarium. Kidding!
lindsey said…
Just this weekend we saw a pod of dolphins (7 total) off the cliffs at our church. My dad kept nudging me during the service to alert me of the passerbys. Great drawing, by the way. Sidenote... Mandy is moving to AZ??
WarrinerDaD said…
Being without a computer is forcing you to expand your expressions of creativity, isn't it?!?
It is such a cute little family herd of sea horses.
I didn't look closely enough at the original to notice the change but I like how it looks here.
NatArt said…
Hey Heather... they look amazing!!! And they truly are so cute!! You have to get one one of these days!!!

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