a collage of cookies

My husband's birthday is tomorrow.  Now, if you know me or Dan or both of us, you know that means it's also "birthday adventure" time (our annual tradition of treating each other to a full-day outing based around an exciting, new theme). 

"Birthday adventures" take planning.  Granted, they've gotten simplified since becoming parents. But, they still involve a lot of work, planning, research, making, and creating.  I love this, mind you.  But it rarely leaves much time for any other creative pursuits.  So, how did I have time to collage up a little cookie illustration?  Well, thanks to 2 sets of very loving, very helpful parents/babysitters (my own and my in-laws), I was able to get the majority of the birthday adventure prep complete by last night.  Thus, I took a "birthday adventure" break and this collage was born.

And, really, is there any better, sweeter way to prepare for an upcoming birthday than by making cookie art?  Well......maybe by making actual, edible cookies.  But other than that, I can't think of anything better.


Merand said…
Super fun! I have a hankering for some cookies... Have a great time on your birthday adventure!

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