the owls of owenania: jo

The owls are back, my friends.  Or, at least, this one owl is back, eager to join the ranks of the Owls of Owenania.  Meet Jo, a darling of an owl, who has a penchant for plants.  Despite her lavender hue, some might even say that she's got a bit of a "green wing."

Jo is my only pre-named owl thus far.  A dear friend suggested the name as a lovely owl choice, and I had to agree.  In thinking of a "Jo," my mind envisioned a sweet, shy, feminine owl, and thus this Jo was born.  I realize that this breaks my own self-imposed "rule" of naming owls only after they've been created, much in the way that I couldn't have possibly named my own child until actually seeing his little face.  However, I think it works in this case, because I probably never would have created an owl just like this one had I not had the inspiration of a name. 

We never know where inspiration will come from, how a suggestion or a sight or a seemingly arbitrary detail will float around in one's mind and provide the much-needed spark for something much bigger.  I've decided to start keeping track of these inspirational sparks even more.  Who knows how many more "Jo-moments" may lie ahead.


Mom said…
What a little sweetheart she is:-) I love little Jo!
Merand said…
Jo is lovely and absolutely perfect for her name!

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