creative check-list

There's something about setting creative goals and making a physical list of said goals that really does push me into action. And, since June has been deemed my month of creativity, I figure that I owe it to myself to check things off my "to do" list. I've been whittling away at this for the past several days and am happy to report the following: Robot prints have been added to Etsy. New greeting cards have been made. And, sketches are done for an invitation job that I'm working on. I am breathing a sigh of relief as I type this. It feels good to get things done...and then to consequently have room on my "to do" list for a whole new batch of projects!


I love your Robot Prints!! So cute! I do have one little issue, though... they need names!! They're just too adorable and have too much personality to be nameless. :o)
Alyssa said…
Aw cool! I've been wanting to do greeting cards, too! I had started a list of the ones I could do (yes, I totally love lists as well) but found myself with little time to do extra projects when the wedding planning became such a monster one. But I'm hoping to get back into the swing once it's all done, and trying to be as creative with what I am doing so that I won't get antsy. :)
Mandi said…
To do: See Mandi July 2nd!! :)
Mandi said…
Ok, I know that's not exactly a creative goal, but still :)

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