in a fit to knit

A whole lot of knitting has been going on around here over the past 2 days. The striped hat, which has been sitting in my living room unfinished for too many weeks, is finally done. It feels a little Harry Potter-ish, which is just fine by me. No harm in getting one's baby off to a magical start, I'd say. The brown one is for a dear friend's new baby. I can't wait to deliver it to its rightful little owner this weekend!

Whenever I get on these knitting spurts, I just want to keep going and going. It's almost midnight, and yet, I've considered pulling out all my yarn to decide which color will be the inspiration for my next itty bitty hat. They are just so darling that I can't stop making them. So, be prepared. If you're having a baby, you're most likely going to be the proud recipient of a Heather-made baby hat. Like it or not. But, really, how could you not?


So cute!! I love the little knot at the top. And props for starting out some lucky little one on the right foot with Harry Potter! :o)
Jen said…
I LOVE Jack's new hat! Chris just put it on him today and it's adorable! He was also naked aside from his diaper which made it even more cute. (Jack was naked in a diaper, not Chris... in case you were confused) :)
MEWoodward said…
These are awesome. I've been meaning to ask you... How many stitches do you cast on to start?

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