a quilt for caroline

As I've stated in the past, I am not much of a seamstress. When it comes to these rag quilts, I know enough to get by, but I hold my breath during all the parts that involve actual contact with the sewing machine. You see, ironing fabric I can do. Cutting fabric? No problem. Laying out a design? It's probably my favorite step. And, pinning? Well, it's tedious but not difficult. It's that menacing sewing machine that intimidates me, as it sits looming in the next room just waiting for my inexperienced self to approach it humbly, begging it to sew smoothly, praying that I'll avoid broken needles and empty bobbins. These are real thoughts that go through my mind, and yet...I suppose I make it all sound just a tad too dramatic.

In any case, one can much more easily tackle such fears when the recipient of one's sewing adventures is none other than a brand new niece. Nieces by their very nature are meant to be pampered and spoiled, of course, and how better to pamper than with a handmade quilt? And so, my sewing machine and I came to a little understanding through this most recent sewing escapade. I will fear it less. It will be as patient with me as is possible. And, together we will make lovely little things for lovely little nieces who deserve no less than fearless creativity.


Alyssa Joy said…
Gosh, I love how you phrased the end of that! "Fearless creativity." That's a good mindset for an artist to have but one of the hardest to attain when trying something new or less familiar. Building up the courage to make your way through a final piece or to attempt a new technique can be such a speed bump. At least that's how I felt about some of my college projects.

I'm sure once you do it more though, you will learn to love the sewing machine just as much as you love laying out the design. I used to dread acrylic inks when I first started using them (and I had no choice because it was a requirement class). The process of learning how to use them was mentally agonizing and I became anxious everytime I had to sit down and do the final step of painting. But now I love acrylic inks! I used them for nearly all of my senior project pieces.

I know you are an adventurous artist and so I know you will master the sewing machine. Fearless creativity!
Mandi said…
i like how you made the fear of the sewing machine so dramatic. i appreciate your writing and i totally understand having something looming in another room waiting for you...i feel that way about my latest painting. i haven't touched it in about a month because every time I've gone back and done something to it, I haven't been pleased with the results. Therefore...it sits...on the floor...taunting me! BAHH!
doodlegirl said…
WOW. You sure are talented! I adore your illustration style and this quilt is just the type of quilt I would like to make if I "didn't fear the sewing machine" as well. Super job!
daniel said…
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