uncle donnie

Finding a place to begin is, oddly enough, often the most difficult spot to start. Beginnings seem so important, so momentous, like the first few notes of a song or the opening sentence of a novel. They set the tone for everything that will follow. Great responsibility is given to beginnings, and therefore, they must not be taken lightly.

With creativity being the key idea behind this blog, I was planning (logically enough, I thought) to begin with something artsy...one of my mail art envelopes or a picture of a recent project. But, as I began to peruse photos, I found a non-art-related one that struck me. Somehow it just seemed appropriate for this moment and...now that I think about it...even more fitting than I'd imagined. Creativity is so often born from memories, and memories exist because of amazing people whose lives have forever touched our own. And, for me, family and memories fuel artwork... as does loss and heartache and having to figure out how to begin again.

So, here's a memory...and a beginning. I think it's the perfect place to start.


Anonymous said…
Aww! It's so nice to be able to see a PICTURE! :-) <3

~ Em

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