three faces in my door - part 1

For just about as long as I've lived in this house, I have known that there were three faces hidden within one of our many wooden doors. Ever since recognizing their presence, I haven't been able to ignore the unique little features staring back at me each time I pass this particular entryway. So, I've decided to recreate them...taking them beyond the woodgrain characters that they are and giving them a new life on the screen of my computer. And while they are much more amazing in their original state, I do find a curiousness in this idea of taking found faces and transforming them into quirky little characters.


Ross said…
Aren't you going to make characters of the two other faces? :-) I'm becoming anxious!
Katherine said…
That guy is so cool.

This almost seems like a translation project; the language of wood to the language of CGI.

(btw, I'm a friend of Lindsey :-)
*D* said…
Neat! And a bit wierd. Now I am going around to all of my doors to see who is peeking in on me.

(I am Katherine's dad)
Anonymous said…
The faces in the doors made me laugh out loud. It made me remember when I was a kid and we had one of those bathroom floors with the tiny tiles. One day, as I sat on the toilet, I was bored and was looking for interesting things to find in a bathroom I'd seen so many times before. I spotted a small marking in the grout between two tiles in the floor in front of the toilet. There, looking back at me, the markings made the image of a small man's face! It was a cartoonish man's face (sort of like Gilroy) peeking around a wall (formed by the tile next to him). It was silly, but I just couldn't stop looking at it. Then, everytime I'd go in there....he'd be there too....I could not stop looking at it each and every time. I missed him when we got the new floor. I now understand how people find images of holy figures in things like toast and potatoe chips!

Anyway, your doors made me think of that and I thought I'd share it
with you! Hope you are having a good day! - Toni (Pam's Mom)

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