walking treasures

Walks hold an almost magical quality for me. They refresh, inspire, and often change my entire state of mind. Earlier this evening, a near-perfect 40-minute walk provided me with much-needed time to just slow down and think (and not the restless, frantic type of thinking that usually overtakes my brain, but the honest, fresh thinking that makes all of life seem just a little clearer). As I was walking and pondering and praying, I started to become more aware of why I so thoroughly enjoy these times alone. The reasons seemed worthy of recording...
1) The peacefulness of a winter day that is unlike any other type of quiet
2) The people that come to mind
3) Watching flocks of birds fly overhead
4) Perusing the trash treasures that people have set by the side of the road for tomorrow's garbage pick-up
5) Kicking rocks
6) The beautiful pear tree at the end of my street (As it's winter and all, I wasn't able to see any pears, but I just like knowing that come summer, it will once again be filled with the most gorgeous fruit I have ever seen.)
7) Praying while outside and noticing the little things in nature that I normally wouldn't think to thank God for
8) That perfect fresh air smell
9) Neighbors to say hello to
10) Overhearing bits of conversations as I pass by
11) Walking along the curvy cracks in the road as if I'm a tightrope walker
12) Finding random objects that I convince myself will one day be perfect for some sort of art project
13) The people and memories that are connected to the various houses that I walk past
14) The sound of the snow crunching beneath my feet
15) Pink sunset skies


PJ said…
Hey I love this! It reminds me of when I was little and used to play in my backyard in the snow and had that special smell in the air, that feeling that you really experiencing life, what a magical feeling!

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