umbrella day

I’ve always loved those wacky holidays, the days that commemorate something truly bizarre such as the appreciation of squirrels (January 21) or collecting rocks (September 16) or eggs Benedict (April 16). I imagine that the majority of these celebrations were simply concocted by those somebodies who have far too much time on their hands. Yet, these are the days that preschool teachers adore. The days that have inspired many a top-notch craft project, sculpted from the hands of three-year-olds. The rest of the world is, sadly enough, just too busy to even be aware of such celebrations. So, from time to time I’ll pop onto one of those “bizarre holidays” sites to see what food or animal has been given a special place of honor that day. It all just makes me smile, and therefore seemed worthy of being turned into something a little bit more than a forgotten event.

If nothing else, these crazy holidays give me a new appreciation for the little things that we take for granted. With today being Umbrella Day, I started to think....why shouldn’t umbrellas be given their own special day to celebrate themselves, in all their rain-protective goodness?

Happy Umbrella Day!


lindsey said…
I have never heard of those "wacky" holidays before. However, I LOVE the idea of celebrating something random. What about a banana appreciation day? I love this girl with her umbrella... very sbritt-ish of you. :)
Anonymous said…
So when do you celebrate spicy food or hot pepper day?

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