random thoughts in my head

It's amazing how a month flies by. I have missed this sweet, little blog, and I hope to be more consistent in the weeks to come. The thoughts floating through my head desperately need a place to land.

Some of my recent, random, unconnected musings:

* I was reminded last night how terribly important journaling is and how little of it I've actually been doing lately. You see, I never know when the desire to delve back into old journal entires will hit me. But, it hit at 11 o'clock last night. When I should have been sleeping, I instead was re-living past thoughts and almost-forgotten moments. I was overcome with the fact that so little of the last few months has been recorded in journal form. And, these are moments I want to reminisce one day. So, a return to writing is in order.

* Making something completely new is one of the most amazing feelings I've experienced. The little baby hat above was my first knitting project that wasn't a scarf. After a winter full of countless scarves, I needed a change. Each stitch that I took toward completing the hat was exciting...like a little piece of an adventure. Watch out, world....ponchos are next on the list.

* An alphabet of inspiration..... This idea has been bouncing around my brain now awhile now. My plan is to match each letter of the alphabet with something that inspires me....and create artwork accordingly. So, that's 26 blog entries just waiting to happen. I now have no excuses.

* Just when you least expect it, the blessings of life have a way of hitting you....hard. I was standing in the choir loft two Sundays ago and I looked out onto the congregation and was filled with this amazing feeling. I saw Mandi sitting there, smiling and chatting before the service began. And, that just made me smile. Jay joined her in the pew and I was reminded of the incredible bonds that have recently grown between all of us cousins. Life felt...not perfect...but just as it should be. Still filled with a combination of joys and struggles, but just right nonetheless.


Katherine said…
I love the hat! One of my favorite patterns. :-)
lindsey said…
The hat turned out so good! Don't you just love working in the round? It is so easy and fast!! I'm looking forward to your alphabet entries.
PJ said…
That is the cutest thing EVER! I love it. Maybe one day you'll get to make one for me!! :)
Anonymous said…
you have beautiful perspectives.
I do look forward to your alphabet bloggings.
Old journals should come with warnings. Time is absorbed quickly through reminiscing. d.
Anonymous said…
love the site, you're dripping with creativity...it's exciting.
i've checked in periodically since you mentioned this site in the foyer- and i've been meaning to drop you a note. The hat is adorable- Audrey/Oliver will look adorable in it.

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