b is for books - part 2

B is finally behind me! (Check out Psalm 96:11-13 for my source of inspiration.)

Now onto C.....


Anonymous said…
Those metal tags are fascinating!
Id love to see how you made them. I really liked the previous posting but I see why this version feels more copmplete. It seems very layered. d.
Kelly Caldwell said…
Mmm. Very nice. I feel much better. And sneaky, sneaky, you intrigued me enough to go break out the ole Bible too [I confess it was getting a bit dusty...].
So I don't know if this is a criticism as much as an observation to perhaps my own predispositions [artistic prejudices?] - the piece is kind of autumnal [maybe it's just the on-screen translation?] with the leafless trees, and the browner side of earth tones. The passage feels more spring to me, brighter fresher greens, maybe more yellows oranges? Ah, but then again, I don't necessarily have the cultural context, being a hard-core New England girl. I wonder what color palette the Middle East blossoms in?

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