c is for characters

Only fairly recently have I found myself once again dabbling in my love of quirky little characters. I remember a time, during my middle school days of years past, when it was just about all that my artwork comprised of...goofy people with huge eyes and tiny bodies. Drawings of such creatures filled my sketch pads, sprawled across my brown-paper-bag-covered text books, and lined the edges of my history notes. There’s just something about creating your own world of characters. I can’t put my finger on exactly what it is. But, I could see myself getting lost in it once again.

My original cast of characters left something to be desired. They were just so “middle-school-ish.” Not that my current creations are all that amazing or unique. I imagine myself ten years from now, looking back at them and laughing at their ridiculousness as well. So, perhaps it would be most fitting to claim “change” as my word for the letter C. As an artist, change proves to be one of the most beneficial and interesting things that we can look back on and embrace. Seeing where we’ve come from, and having confidence that we’ll just keep growing the more we push ourselves, is quite an amazing thing.


Rach said…
It's BOB! (or at least it looks like a very peppy version of him!)
PJ said…
i love this but i can't help it. all i hear in my head is, "C is for cookie, that's good enough for me..."

and yes, i thought it was bob too!
A.G. Lewis said…
Yeah i was thinking, "Wow, Bob's a good dancer. Didn't know he was a suspender man."

I'm glad we three (and perhaps more with time) comment distributors agree.

C is for courage. Capable. Captivating. Clouds. Catastrophe. Catapault. Cycle.

Many others...but character is a great one.

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