f is for fortunes

Up until a few weeks ago, I never would have thought that fortune cookies could've made it onto a list of my inspirations. However, a recent project at work forced their quirkiness and fun to the forefront of my mind. And while the amount of inspiration that I actually draw from these little pieces of wisdom is rather small, they do hold an aspect of fun, and the memories they conjure up are ones that I enjoy remembering.

F is for family.....My Aunt Joan used to tell me that she’d keep the really good fortunes sandwiched between her desktop and the piece of glass that lay on top of it. I liked the idea and took to displaying mine amongst the maze of magnets on my fridge and metal cabinets. In some cases, I could remember the people I was with when I received certain fortunes. Others just remained peculiar little pearls of wisdom.

F is for friends.....My friend, Lindsey, informed me many years ago that the proper way to eat a fortune cookie is to crack it open, eat one half, read the fortune, and then if...and only if...it was a good one, could you eat the second half. I still feel the need to share this knowledge with just about anyone that joins me for a Chinese dinner....even though I doubt I could keep from eating the second half no matter how bad the fortune was.

F is for fun.....Most recently, Pam told me about a fortune that she once found. It was the funniest fortune I have heard thus far.... “Pickle make squishy bookmark.” To me, that was just an illustration waiting to happen. And so, it became one, proving that fortunes actually are (in their own unique little way), a crazy little source of inspiration for me.


lindsey said…
Heath, I'm so glad you remember the "correct" way of eating fortune cookies! I have a fortune on my desk at work that I just love... "Digital circuits are made from analog parts." So true and yet so random. :)
Anonymous said…
F if for F=Ma
Does that work too?
Maybe if you're Isaac Newton.
[And if you ignore the relativistic change in mass.]
My most recent fortune:
"Don't be afraid to take a chance when the opportunity of a lifetime appears." Not so much fortuitous as it is inspiring of pensiveness.

I think the shadow in the cookie is a nice detail. Just one of those little details I only see on closer inspection.
Rach said…
Wow and I thought putting pickles with peanut butter was weird. :) It's funny to think that this idea came from a fortune cookie, it is so ridiculously random!
Anonymous said…
I LOVE THE PICKLE! (Not enough to eat them every day yet, though!)

~ Em

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