k is for knitting

I entered the world of knitting through a tiny but incredible group of women. Our knitting circle consisted of two twenty-somethings, a career-oriented mom from California, and our 75-year-old teacher, who is younger at heart than I could ever hope to be. We would come together each week and share our latest projects, as well as our lives. I quickly realized that I was learning about much more than knits and purls. Discussions centered on the real stuff of life - the heartaches and the joys, the daily struggles and thoughts of the future.

Unfortunately, in the usual pattern of things, life has gotten hectic and the summer season has brought with it a change in schedule, so I've been without my knitting ladies for several months now. I'm finding that I really miss it. I knit sporadically on my own, but the sense of “community” is missing from it. And, to me, that's what really makes knitting so much more inspirational.


Anonymous said…
I love that picture!
The community is what makes the most simple activities that much more special.
Have you ever knitted with anything other than yarn? Such as a leather or rope?
Roo said…
Ooh that's a great idea...knitting with leather or rope! We talked about doing that, but haven't yet! As one of the twenty somethings from that little group, I have to say that I miss it too. I really need to get back into my knitting projects and I miss talking with Marlyce :(
lindsey said…
You really should start a knitting group on meetup.com. I think I would be lost without my meetup knitting ladies and Wednesday nights just wouldn't be the same without knitting. I still have to show you a picture of the baby sweater I finished!
A.G. Lewis said…
A true story:

I tried knitting once...for about thirty seconds.

The end.

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