l is for letters

I remember rather distinctly my first experience with letterpress type. It was during my "2D Foundation Class"...one of the first of my many art classes in college. As was typical for me, I was nervous to enter the printmaking building - afraid of what unknown tasks and techniques, materials and tools awaited me there. And yet, the moment I started stamping the old, metal letters, I was hooked. The raw quality, the link to the past, and the immediacy of the results drew me in with little convincing.

I thought about this entry at many points over the unplanned, month-long blogging sabbatical that I somehow took during most of August. As I traveled to Arizona and back, enjoyed August's warmth, and also dealt with the unexpected difficulties of this summer, I still had the letter L stuck somewhere in the back of my brain. I pondered over the various "L words" that inspired me in one form or another. And even though it's taken over a month to get this latest piece finished and posted, I am convinced that these breaks are necessary for creative rejuvenation. I now find myself ready and eager to dive into the second half of this alphabet.


lindsey said…
I love these letters and I'm glad you are back to blogging. I have been missing my weekly updates. Is a lightning bug the same thing as a firefly? I have only seen fireflies once and that was in southern Italy. Anyway, I LOVE this piece and I LOVE your artwork and I LOVE you.

WarrinerDaD said…
I Love the rustic feel of the pressed Letters. They can be bold and well defined or have a Less crisp feel and have gaps and air pockets that is common to pressings. Somewhere along the way I began to understand why symmetry and neatness is not always something to be adored. This piece has so much roughness that dramatically adds to it's character.

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