p is for pumpkins

Every year when October rolls around, my mind turns to pumpkins. Four years ago, I started creating three-dimensional decorated pumpkins. They began as the Autumn decorations for my church’s coffeehouse, and while this initial purpose has remained, they’ve also just found a very special place in my heart. I can barely look at any pumpkin or squash-like food without imagining a face, accessories, and three-dimensional materials transforming the humble yet magnificent vegetable into a creature all its own. I suppose it’s an obsession of sorts...the inability to leave the poor little pumpkin in its natural state of being. And yet, the “pumpkin people” have brought together different groups of friends each year in fabulous evenings of creating. I don’t think that an October would be quite the same without them.


Anonymous said…
That's great! I just noticed the curly little addition to the ear. Somehow I hadn't looked close enough before. When I look at pumpkins I cant help but wonder what would be the energy increase if it approached 10% of the speed of light. But I like your idea too. d.
the pomo dodo said…
I'm so bummed I didn't get to see more of the pumpkins. I was sooooo looking forward to coming home and getting to see them. It's nice to see one :) You're pumpkins always bring a smile to my face.
Roo said…
wow, look at the detail in that picture! who took that picture? whoever did must have a great camera!

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