q is for queens

Well, in all honesty, this is a bit of a stretch. Queens, in and of themselves, don’t really inspire me. But, Q is admittedly a difficult letter, and if I dig a little, I can see how it all connects. Despite the fact that I wouldn’t place queens high on my list of inspirations, I do find that there is a distinct attraction to the idea of royalty. This is especially true when I begin to think of it in terms of my own ancestry. Family legend says that we are direct descendents of Kaiser Wilhelm’s personal tailor on one side and to one of Sweden’s kings on the other. Whether or not these tales are true, I like imagining that we could have a royal European castle or some hidden store of wealth just awaiting the rightful heirs to come reclaim their treasure. Perhaps it’s thoughts such as these that led me to create a series of playing cards using my relatives as the King, Queen, and Jack. Whatever it is, these are fun thoughts to ponder over. Intriguing paths down which the mind can easily wander.


WarrinerDaD said…
There is something wonderful about a lineage of royalty. What is more romantic than having cascading generations of noblemen and knights in our past? They fought with bravery and gave their lives for causes they believed in. I want those people to be a part of my life. I want to be cut from that cloth. I want to be of that character. I want to have that integrity. I want to live for those purposes.
What purposes did they believe in? What drove them to give with all they had for the causes they chose?
Do I have what they have? When I have to lay it on the line will I do so with a noble and pure heart or will I look out for myself? Will I think more highly of God or of myself?
My hope is that I have what it takes to give all I have for the worthiest of causes.
And I wonder if my forefathers will look upon me with pride that I may join the ranks of sincere warriors who lived with valor.
Anonymous said…
I read the entry and I could not resist I needed to say something. I know it is going to be cheesy but I will anywayz. You are royalty even better we are children of God and we do have a castle prepared for us in paradise. Aren't we special?

Kelly said…
Ok, so he's totally inspiration for me, though I can understand if you don't feel as strongly, but he's so darn cute and his name does start with a Q...
meg said…
maybe i shouldn't blog this for everyone to see ... but i can't resist ... i think i know what "r" is for... ;)
Nancy Michaud said…
I really love these. The combination of sewing and...is that wax? they must be very small and frigile in person, like an old family photo.

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