t is for text

One would think, from the amount of time that has passed since my last post, that I am inspired by time off. Perhaps that should be the topic for "t." However, the truth is that I have missed this blog immensely and have no decent excuse for why I've abandoned it for so long.

I could blame the hecticness of my recent move and the responsibilities that have come along with wedding planning. Or I could insist that a lack of internet access at the apartment has made it difficult to find time for any web-related work. But, really, I just haven't arranged my schedule in a way that would allow for this creative outlet. And, I needed to find my way back.

I kept telling myself that I couldn't post until I had an image, some sort of illustration to match the millions of t-words that have been floating through my mind these past 3 months. Today I decided that wasn't necessary. The text that usually accompanies my artwork is just as important to me as the images themselves. I am inspired by writing. At times, words inspire me even more than images. So, I am content to leave this post image-less. I will allow this text to stand on its own, respresentative of the hundreds of thousands of written words that have inspired and encouraged me in the past.

Still, for those who are interested in the many "t"s that I've been pondering during my little break....here are a few. Perhaps one of them will inspire an image- or text-based inspiration all your own.

T is also for...
- tortellini (email me if you want the most amazing tortellini recipe I've ever tasted!)
- tradition
- trees
- toads
- tea
- the Trinity
- tables
- tacks
- tin cans
- texture


Anonymous said…
Good job, Heather!
Text is the perfect T for you.
Out of all the ways you could express yourself in T, I know the written word is one that has a particular interest to you.
Anonymous said…
Nice to see a new entry! :-) (You have had LOTS going on...easy to get away from doing this!! Understandable...)

I think my "T" word these days has been "triumph". Hmm maybe that'll have to be the inspiration for my next entry in MY journal. :-) I have a couple entries floating around in my head that I just haven't written yet... We'll see what happens! Thanks for jump starting this inspiration!
the pomo dodo said…
Welcome back!!! Text is a great choice...I've found your writing to be as insightful and precious as your art. You are multi-gifted!

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