z is for a zillion

If there's one thing I've realized through this alphabet blog series, it's that I am inspired by many things. Dare I say even zillions of things? These sources of inspiration have proven to be extremely varied, usually random, often unexpected, but always fascinating. The truth is that inspiration can really be found in anything. The problem is that we rarely take the time to stop long enough to see how something so regular, random, or small could be inspiring.

I find myself thinking in alphabets now. I realized the other day that the year has 52 weeks and the alphabet has 26 letters. Hence, if I dedicated each week of the year to a different letter of the alphabet, I could relive this alphabet exploration two more times in one year! Still...even if I did this...I would be left with a lifetime of alphabets to explore.

For now, I am onto my next series. I carry with me the hope that it will be equally engaging and the confidence that it will be just as inspiring in its own right.


Mandi said…
oooo i see me in there! i'm one of the zillion?! i'm honored :) very designy feel to this post. i like it.
NatArt said…
You are amazing my friend!! I am so proud of your creativity and strength! Congrats at reaching the end of this journey!! So looking forward to traveling your next road. Much love!
WarrinerDaD said…

At the beginning of this series I didn't know how long this road could take to travel. I figured it could go by very fast and you would move on to your next experience of creativity or you could go slowly.
Of course, slowly would require more from you. More deep self-reflexivity. More time. More patience. More grace. Even more frustration.
But I'm glad you traveled the road you did. It has added more to your gifts as a designer. And, I would say more importantly, it has added much to your character.

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