countdown to christmas - day fifteen

Well, yesterday got so hectic that I completely forgot to post. But, it was certainly filled with more than a day's worth of Christmas cheer. Mandi, Dan, and I started off with a trip to Farmington Valley Art Center's "Open Studios." They were featuring a "Choco L'Art" theme, so each studio had both amazing artwork as well as scrumptious chocolate treats! It was a perfect combination....especially the sculptor who had an incredible bronze seahorse sculpture (as well as chocolate fondue!)

Open Studios was followed by Christmas shopping. The crowds were crazy, the lines were long, but it was certainly festive. And, we found a lot of those last-minute gifts we'd been searching for.

The day ended with an Open House at the home of friends. We enjoyed great conversation, chatting with people we hadn't seen in awhile, and snacking on some delicious treats. We didn't arrive back home until almost midnight. But, it was a day well spent....lots accomplished, gifts purchased, conversations had, friends visited, and a feeling of Christmas spirit embraced.


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