countdown to christmas - day nine

Christmas shopping began for us today. Up until now we had only a few odds and ends...things we'd picked up on the honeymoon and random trinkets that had seemed "just right" at some point during the year. We knew that we needed to get some more substantial shopping checked off the list. However, we wanted to get things done while avoiding the insanity of the malls. The solution came when we thought of the outlets that were just a 45 minute drive away. Just as we'd hoped, the outdoor outlet mall proved to be the perfect spot for some Sunday afternoon shopping. The crowds were surprisingly small, the sales were great, and the little getaway was much needed.

As we drove home, I began to think of all the fun and creative wrapping that could that we actually have gifts to wrap. I was inspired before yesterday's Open House when I wrapped a few sample gifts as a way to display my "So Long Notes" (the long, skinny envelopes shown in the photo).

So, bring on the ribbon and gift paper, and let the wrapping begin!


megs said…
hello darling,

Yes, wrapping is FUN. So many ways to be fresh and creative! And i must say, my cat certainly enjoys wrapping presents as well. All my leftover pieces of wrapping paper, tissue paper, ribbons, bows, etc are all donated to my kitty. Her favorite thing is to bring the paper stuff onto the kitchen floor and then pounce on it, and she'll slide all over the kitchen on that stuff for hours.

So, i guess wrapping presents gets EVERYONE in the Christmas spirit . . . :)


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