countdown to christmas - day thirteen

With the first snowstorm of the season upon us, everything seems extra festive. I don't think it could look any more Christmas-y outside than it does now. And, so, as a little tribute to the falling snow outside, I am posting these paper snowflakes. I have fun memories of cutting paper snowflakes with friends at many holiday parties. We all learned from Rachel. Her snowflakes were the most intricate and delicate I have ever seen, and she was always willing to teach us many of her techniques. In this way, she was encouraging that we, too, could be master snowflake makers one day.


Roo said…
snowflakes are so fun to make, but mine are never as amazing as rachel's. she just has the talent :) and you, my dearest sister, are amazing too! can i just say that all your recent craft fairs and beautiful art pieces are inspiring!?
Rach said…
AWW Heather! You mentioned me in your blog! I haven't checked your blogs in MONTHS because I have been swamped, but tonight I was browsing my bookmarked pages, and I came upon your blog. I've missed a lot! But I'm glad to see you've been keeping up with the blogs and I love the christmas countdown-too bad I'm on the other end of the countdown now. :)
P.S. I love our snowflake parties and continue to have mini-lessons with all the people I meet around snowflake season. :)

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