countdown to christmas - day twelve

I suppose that the Christmas season supplies a good excuse to be a bit sentimental. When I found this tree amongst the art files in my computer, I was reminded of Christmas 2005. I had picked Dan's name as part of a "Secret Santa" gift exchange, and I was secretly very glad to have gotten him. Of course, all of this happened before we had really started talking much, but I knew there was something about him that I liked.

Anyway, I made sure to put some special touches into my gift. I knitted him a scarf, making sure to include the color orange (which I'd heard was his favorite). And, for me, no gift is truly complete without a handmade card. So, I collaged this little tree onto the front of his card. I remember watching him very carefully as he opened my gifts. He seemed pleased, even with the simple tree card I had created.

From there, we would go through many twists and turns and eventually land in a December two years later, where marriage was nearly three months under our belts and life was far better together than apart.

Sentimental indeed.


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