countdown to christmas - day twenty-one

Today marks the three-month anniversary of our wedding day. I think that one of the most joyous parts of this Christmas is that it's the first one we get to spend as a married couple. That's why Dan and I have been trying to soak up the season, enjoy as many Christmas traditions as we can, and focus on what Christmas is really about. And, while we still have gotten caught up in last-minute details, I'd like to think that we've done a decent job of taking on an attitude of Christmas.

So, as we enter the final holiday countdown, my hope is that our hearts remain in the right place, our time with family is precious, and we find time to steal away and enjoy our first Christmas together.


NatArt said…
I love it! Guys I do hope you both will be able to enjoy this first season together as a married couple! Thanks for your friendship and all that you do! Love to you both!

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