countdown to christmas - day twenty-two

Changing traditions isn't a bad thing. But, it definitely is different. And this Christmas is full of new and different traditions....some that have come from being married, others that have simply come with the passing of time.

Last night we spent the evening with Aunt Joan. Over the past few years our traditions have been changing...merging from an annual Christmas Eve celebration to a late December gathering that includes a show of some sort, Indian food at a local restaurant, and limited gifts. Really, the gifts are limited to the "guessing presents."

You see, the "guessing present" is the one tradition that has remained. I have a feeling that it always will, on some level. Here's how it works..... An unusual or unique gift is chosen, wrapped, and we all take turns asking questions about the hidden treasure inside. This has been going on in my family for as long as I can remember. Aunt Joan said it started when I was about 3 or 4. And, that makes sense, as I don't recall a Christmas Eve without it.

So, despite the fact that certain gatherings no longer exist the way they used to or that certain special family members are no longer with us, I think that we are preserving important traditions, changing ones that can be changed, and making new memories all the while.


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