new year's goals

January is almost over. Most resolutions have gone by the wayside at this point. Still, I have some New Year's goals that have been mingling in my mind.

You see, I prefer to make goals rather than resolutions. Goals seem more achievable. They can be worked at, built upon, strived for over an entire year. Resolutions, on the other hand, pose a daily or weekly drudgery, almost promising to be broken long before they are even made. So, I stick to the goals.

Small and big, they all find a way onto my list....

1. Knit a poncho or capelet (without turning it into a twisted mess).
2. Use up some of my hundreds of greeting cards by sending more letters to friends.
3. Find new uses for old things.
4. Make my own website, complete with a top-notch portfolio.
5. Create an Etsy shop.
6. Master the art of smoothie-making.
7. Walk, walk, walk.
8. Pray more.
9. Blog more.
10. Listen more.
11. Read more.
12. Take a class in something.
13. Start carrying a notepad everywhere to record random thoughts, sketches, & ideas.
14. Archive photographs.
15. Use less plastic lunch baggies. Find greener alternatives.
16. Attempt to eat more salads.
17. Learn the names of more of our neighbors.
18. Decorate creatively.
19. Absorb life.
20. Relax.

One of these is well on its way. Just wait....with bated breath.


Mandi said…
I totally know what you mean! I much prefer having goals. I think I have a very similar list to yours and I really hope that both of us achieve several or ALL of our goals. Can I add one to both of our lists? A goal that is a shared one I hope.......Have a gallery showing? :) I really want to do this. We need to talk with Natalie soon!
NatArt said…
Love you my dear! So proud of you... I hope that by standing next to you, I can rub some of that influence onto myself :)...
PipeDream said…
I'd love to join you

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