Well, from the look of the date on this post (in comparison to that of my last post) it's clear that goal #9 hasn't exactly been at the top of the list. Still, as I was reviewing my many goals, I realized that I have actually been whittling away at them...almost unknowingly so. Perhaps it's in these moments of not trying so hard that we accomplish great things.

To hold myself at least somewhat accountable, here are the goals that have even a semblance of an update...

1. While I have yet to knit a poncho or a capelet, I did have my first crocheting lesson back in January. The result was a scarf that I have been enjoying quite a bit since that time.
2. To date, at least 5 of the cards in my overflowing collection have been mailed to friends. I even organized an entire drawer for these cards to make them more accessible and (in theory) more usable.
5. The Etsy shop is somewhat underway...not where I was hoping it to be by this point, but presentable nonetheless. Feel free to take a peek: http://www.piggyback.etsy.com/
8. God has been giving me lots of reasons to pray lately, so hopefully I'm growing in this.
10. God has been giving me lots of reasons to listen lately, so hopefully I'm growing in this too.
14. The past two years of photographs are now successfully printed and neatly archived in albums. That was a huge accomplishment for me.
17. I just found out the name of the new baby next door: Kimani.


NatArt said…
You inspire me!!!! You've accomplished so much!!! I think I may need some help down the road July/Aug! .... Love you!
Emily said…
Glad to see this update! You have been productive!

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