a little owl

A recent visit to the library resulted in the borrowing of a book on owls. This, in turn, resulted in the illustration above. I am finding that I like owls. And, I like this owl's name almost as much as I like him.


Anonymous said…
Your delightful drawings have such unique characteristics!

It seemed like this was a fun one for you to create. I'm glad to see it.

Alyssa said…
I like owls, too! Actually, i realized recently that I really like birds in general, a result of a couple illustration projects at school. Did you know that owls have asymmetrical ears??? I would love to get my hands on a real life owl skull... even though that probably sounds really weird. But you're an artist too so I know you understand.

Hey, we have to hang out soon!
Rach said…
It's so cute and happy!! Did you know that owl necklaces are really hot this season? Maybe you should keep a lookout for one- that is if you like them enough to accessorize with them. :)

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