dabbling in fashion illustration

I was beginning to grow tired of rabbits....

So, as part of a graduation gift to my favorite fashion designer, I created this illustration. Never having experimented with fashion illustration, this was a very new venture for me. I cannot, of course, take credit for the outfit design, as that was completely Rachel. I just gave her gorgeous outfit a spin around Illustrator using the latest techniques that I've been experimenting with. We shall see if fashion imagery continues to hold any allure for me or if this first stint will be my last. In the meantime, I know a fabulous designer who just might be persuaded to create for you your very own, real-life version of this fashion masterpiece.


Rach said…
I haven't been checking blogs very often lately- so you can guess my surprise when I saw something familiar on yours! :) That was the cutest, most thoughtful present I ever got! I loved it! And I bet you had fun making it too- which is the best kind of present!

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