I think that every artist needs to experiment. When play loses its place in the life of an artist, I believe that the artwork suffers. Perhaps I'd forgotten this. These past few weeks, I have been so caught up in building a portfolio, making artwork that has a purpose, and comparing myself to other artists, that I've failed to just make things for the sake of making them.

So, earlier this week, I started a piece that didn't mean anything. It was just fun to look at and fun to make. This is the design that resulted...a playful little piece that exists happily in its own simplicity.


Anonymous said…
I think these little leave are very light and airy. It has a nice open feel and is not burdensome or overcrowded.
And most of all it's FUN!
Mandi said…
simplicity is sometimes better :) i like these a lot. it made me think of the little mermaid and the prince going into the blue lagoon with all the long branches and leaves surrounding the tiny little boat. how romantic...

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