abstractions, part 1

I suppose that the mind of an artist can be a rather complicated place at times. I was once asked by a non-artist friend if being an artist made me look at the world differently. In the moment, I was baffled as to how to answer such a question. I knew only how I had always viewed the world. Whether or not that was different from the outlook of others, I couldn't really know for sure. But now, many years after that initial question, I can state with almost definite certainty that I do see the world differently. Now that doesn't mean better or worse or more or less clearly. I just think that artists often pick up random details, delve beyond the realistic world and explore imaginary ideas, or ponder things that non-artsy types would never question.

For instance, I have recently been wrestling with such questions as....Where do abstraction and illustration mingle together? It's such ponderings that led me to begin an exploration of abstract art. While this is not new territory for me, it is different in the sense of my chosen medium. Every time I have created abstractly in the past, it has been with paints, collage, or mixed media. Since Illustrator seems to be my method of choice these days, I decided to see where an abstract, computer-designed piece would lead me.

My first attempt led me here. And, from this point, I hope to explore where this world meets my other passion, illustration. It should be an interesting journey as worlds collide and hopefully merge into one.


Alyssa said…
Hey! I'm totally digging these two recent creations. I definitely think you're onto something. I like the compositions, the simplicity, and especially your choice of greens and yellows. Keep up the momentum, lady!

And I totally agree with you on viewing the world differently as one who is artistically minded, not better or worse, just different.
kelly said…
But you see, as "abstract" as it is...it would make an AWESOME plushie-monster, like are so trendy these days...

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