a new exploration - part 2

Here are the last two mezuzot. We are delivering them to the gallery in Salem today!


Anonymous said…
Nice work!
I am a big fan of that transfer technique. Mezuzot are fun pieces of history and culture.
keri smith said…
hello heather,
firstly, I want to wish you the most inspiring birthday ever!!! Happy 30th!!! I send you some magic moments in your new home, lots of scavenger hunts and unexpected finds. plus a few cozy moments with your hubby thrown in for good measure.

secondly, I wanted to say that I am really enjoying your work and your spirit of exploration. I love that you are really having fun trying new things and experimenting at every turn! this is where the good stuff lives (as you already know), in the center of the unknown. I really enjoyed your animals (particularly the owls as I have a thing for those.)

thank you so much for sharing your gifts with the world. it is much better place for it!

creatively yours,
keri smith
Anonymous said…
Your Birthday Treasure Hunt
must have another clue.
Look under your keyboard.
You'll know what to do!

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