a new exploration

As an artist, I suppose that one never really knows where the creative road will lead next. Through the years, I have found my own path to take many twists and turns, which then lead to even more bends in the road. It's a constantly changing cycle where every new exploration affects the next. So, it's no surprise that our recent move has provided me with some interesting, new creative opportunities.

A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon a "call for artists" at one of the local galleries. This gallery was seeking artists to embellish mezuzot, cases that hold parchment scrolls inscribed with a Biblical passage. According to Jewish tradition, a mezuzah case would be attached to the doorpost of the home, following Deuteronomy 6:9, which says to inscribe the commands of the Lord on the door frames of your house. I have always loved the idea of a mezuzah because it is a constant reminder of God's word and its place in the home and our lives. So, I decided to take part. The above photo shows my first two mezuzot creations. It was fun to pull out my paints, experiment, and discover what would take shape. I think that my creative spirit has been longing to take a break from this computer and return to being more hands-on. It was a refreshing change.


Alyssa said…
I love these! What a great idea!
WarrinerDaD said…
Yivarechicha Adonai V'yishmirecha;
Ya-Ayr Adonai panav Aylecha v'yichunecha;
Yee-saw Adonai panav Aylecha v'ya-saym l'cha shalom.

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