Moves bring changes. Some are easy to adapt to, and others are a little harder. I've been living out this dynamic over the past two months while settling into a new state, a new apartment, and a new stage of life. In the midst of all this newness, however, there have been some incredible changes that I could easily get used to.

One such change is the closeness of the ocean. We now have many beautiful beaches to explore, many of which are a quick 10-15 minutes away. So, it was with a sense of excitement that I accepted a recent commission for a seashell illustration. Shells have never been a subject matter that I've focused on in my artwork. But, the timing of this job was perfect. I started to research shells, found a new appreciation for them, and began searching with careful diligence as we'd walk up and down the beaches during weekend explorations.

Eventually, all the research and the resulting illustration led to me this invitation, which is, perhaps, more traditional than my typical style. I love it, however, for the story and the inspiration behind it. And change, after all....whether in artistic style, location, or job...can sometimes be a really good thing.


Alyssa said…
Seeing your invitations has been such a big help for me to know what information I need. I'm so lost with all this stuff. Speaking of which, how the heck do you include reception info. Do you do it on a separate card? And do you need two RSVP's? One for the wedding, one for the reception? Or do you just assume that if someone say they're coming, they mean to the whole thing?

Totally diggin' the seashell! Sweet deal with the commission, too! What were you commisioned to do? It must have been fun to have inspired this invitation.

Oh, yeah. I don't know if you've heard of the Orphan Works Bill in progress, but it's basically bad news for illustrative and other people who rely on creativity to make a living. It's going to make it easier for people to steal artwork. You might want to think about putting some kind of copyright marking directly on the artwork you have on the internet. Your stuff is really creative an it would suck if people stole it for their own purposes.
Rach said…
Oooh I love the whimsical little seashells! Nicely done!

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