Once again, I found myself reusing a previous that I loved but one that also seemed a bit lonely all alone. Hopefully it is more grounded here, with a purpose all its own.

As a little side note, I like this invite because its design feels like a final breath of summer, yet also a reminder that spring will await us after the cold months of winter that await.


Didi and Pedro said…
Hey girl... once again I love it! It would be cool to match it also with a bright pink (because pink and green are popular wedding colors these days). Maybe you can get some more ideas from color combos on wedding websites!

You are doing a fabulous job!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Rach said…
You are just a busy little bee with all of these! And I was looking at your ADORABLE moving postcard- why didn't you post that on here? It's just the cutest thing I've ever seen.

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