a little birdie told me...bird #1

I needed a little break from invitation designing, so I thought to focus on one of my other passions - birds. As with my rabbit series, I wanted to spend some time on variations of one specific animal. Here's the run-down...

Name: Bob
Created: Weeks ago
Inspirations: Feathered friends, simplicity, quick sketches done in the midst of boredom that eventually transcend the loneliness of life within a forgotten sketch book


WarrinerDaD said…
I remember this little one. My first question was-is he sleeping or is he just too cool to look interesting in what's going on?

I love this one!
Alyssa said…
Yay! I love when you post bird stuff cuz I love birds, too! One of my current illustration projects includes birds. Lots of them. So I'm going to enjoy myself quite a bit, I think.

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