autumn alphabet: c is for cider

I’m not a coffee drinker. While I appreciate its good qualities…the smell of a newly-opened bag of beans, the ability to keep sleepy husbands awake while studying, and the overall social aspect of “grabbing a coffee”…it is far from my drink of choice. I, instead, prefer various other warm beverages: tea, chai, hot chocolate, and when Fall rolls around…cider. There’s nothing more satisfying and comforting than a tall mug of steamy apple cider. Whether it’s swirled with caramel, brewed with mulling spices, or simply enjoyed as is, cider is a near perfect drink.

Cheers to cider!


NatArt said…
Ahhhh... apple cider!!
Rach said…
This is an ADORABLE illustration. I can see it in my future kitchen hanging next to a basket of apples and gourds. It would be perfect! I LOVE IT!
Mandi said…
i need that coffee cup! it's great!! hooray for coffee!

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