autumn alphabet: d is for dark skies

Skies just seem darker in the Fall. Part of it may simply be that the end of Daylight Savings Time jolts me out of the pattern of long days and glowing nights. Another explanation for these dark skies, however, lies more within the scientific realm. Fortunately, I have husband who adores science and was more than happy to explain this Autumn phenomenon to me. Apparently, as the colder air breezes into town, it eliminates moisture, making the air itself clearer and less foggy. Then...voila! Darker-looking skies.

Whatever it is, the darkness just seems appropriate for Fall. I was reminded of this last night as I was driving along one of the winding country roads near our apartment. I was struck by the uniqueness of dark, blustery, Fall evenings. Everything felt so quiet and yet so active at the same time. The darkness provided a perfect, silent backdrop. But the falling leaves swirled and looped, standing out so boldly while the car headlights illuminated them against the black sky. As these playful leaves added their colorful dance to the evening’s entertainment, the darkness suddenly took on a new beauty that I hadn’t ever taken the time to notice before.


NatArt said…
Beautiful... one time I was driving home from babysitting up there and I think I was on that road that I told you guys I like going towards that main road... anyway I came to a bit of a clearing and saw the most incredible view of the moon, with the darkest of bare tree solutes and a stretching fence and hugged perfectly the shape of the hill… it was magical… that is what I remember when I see this image.. thanks for bring back that memory! Love you! :)

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