autumn alphabet: f is for foliage

It’s easy for me to get stuck in my little artist world…either sitting in front of my computer or working away on some craft project, painting, or sketch. And sometimes I get so lost in this world, that I forget to return to the original source of my inspiration.

“If autumn is my inspiration, why was I sitting inside trying to conjure up an alphabet full of Fall goodness?” This is the question that began floating through my head after taking a lovely walk with Dan during which I collected a handful of especially colorful and interesting leaves. I am such a scavenger, and yet, I wasn’t scavenging in the right places. “F is for foliage” had never occurred to me….that is until I took a step outside and noticed all the beautifully-colored leaves beneath my feet. Of course. It was so obvious. But, I had to look outside of myself to see it. Such it is with so much of life.


Jen said…
I love this one!
Mandi said…
oh this is a great idea to go outside and use nature in your art. that's like what i did with my paintings! i want to capture more nature in my photography. now is a great time of year to do that. have to get motivated.

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