autumn alphabet: g is for gourds

I love pumpkins. When Autumn rolls around, you can’t get much better than a pumpkin. That is, until you consider the gourd. In my opinion, the gourd is the underdog of the Fall season. It has little chance of beating the pumpkin in terms of popularity or versatility, but it usually has a lot more personality. With bumps and stripes, spots and dots, and a wide array of ingenious shapes, the gourd overflows with individuality. It marches to its own beat. It’s OK with looking a little awkward. And, it isn’t afraid to rebel against the trends, choosing green or yellow over the season’s more popular orange. So, while I may love the dear, traditional pumpkin, I must say that I have found a sense of admiration for the gourd.


Rach said…
I love gourds too! They are so colorful and cheery in the increasingly dark days of fall! :) I am so happy to see that you have gotten quite far in your autumn alphabet- you did it so fast that I have barely had a chance to catch up with it all! :)

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