autumn alphabet: k is for knitted scarves

Once the cold weather hits, it’s a safe bet to assume that I can be found with a cozy, knitted scarf wrapped snugly around my neck. This assumption can be made whether I’m outside, working, or creating an art project. Scarves are welcomed quite warmly when the Autumn winds start to blow. And once that happens, they go with me everywhere, which is fine by me. I think they make pretty good traveling companions.


Didi and Pedro said…
Love this pic. How have you been? Sorry I've been MIA. I'm so busy these days!!!
Rach said…
Oh my gosh this illustration is so adorable! It looks so gleeful! :) I love scarves too- I like ones that are just cozy and you can wear them all day without feeling too hot or chunky. I just starting crocheting a scarf today actually- it will be my first and probably pretty crooked- but still soft! :) Haha.
Alyssa said…
Aw! I wanna learn to knit! I only know how to do those wheel things. They're nice but they take up a lot of yarn so I never get to scarf length. I like the diversity in this piece. It's cute.

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