autumn alphabet: l is for long drives

As a kid, long drives are painfully boring inconveniences that seem to serve no purpose other than interfering with the anticipated fun of the destination. As an adult…or at least, as this adult…long drives mean discovery. They mean escape from the day-to-day routine. And, best of all, they mean adventure.

Contrary to what I used to think, adventures don’t always have to be earth-shattering or daring or located half-way around the world. Sometimes just a little something new can provide an adventure all its own. A drive for an hour or two or three in an unexplored direction can result in new discoveries, beautiful landscapes, or fascinating conversations with your fellow travelers. The best part is that you don’t know just where the adventure will lie when you set out. It could be in anything.

In my opinion, there’s no better season than Fall for such discovery-inducing adventures. Colors are abundant, cool breezes make traveling easy, and the spirit of adventure seems especially strong. So, grab a map, pack a lunch, and hit the road. You may just find adventure on the other side of a long drive.


Mandi said…
this is adorable. i could see this illustration in a children's book. i like.
Metaleyelash said…
I really enjoy the panels...and the transition between them. Nice job! The last one is my favorite. I have a thing for silhouettes.

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