autumn alphabet: p is for pumpkins

I realize that Halloween was a month ago and that my decorated pumpkins are more suited to that part of the Fall season, rather than the Thanksgiving end. Still, pumpkin-decorating is one of the activities I adore the most during Autumn, so I couldn't let the opportunity to post some of my favorites pass me by. These little guys have a way of making me smile no matter what the season.


Alyssa said…
And pumpkin pie! I love pumpkin everything at this time of year. They even make pumpkin beers! Not that I like beer. It's just neat to see everyone getting into the festive spirit, and pumpkins are definitely festive, no matter which autumn month you are in.
Rach said…
Did you make them into flair first? How cute! I love those little guys! We used to have so much fun making them! I haven't made one that way in a long time though.

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