autumn alphabet: r is for red

My original goal was to finish this series by the end of November. Even though it is technically still Fall for a few more weeks, the arrival of December always puts me in a Christmas-y, wintery state of mind. Still, I will keep plugging away, giving the Autumn season its due respect before winter is actually upon us.

It is rather ironic, though, that I chose red to be my “R” word. While it is certainly a Fall-ish color, reflected in the season’s blazing leaves and scarlet apples, it also stirs up thoughts of felted stockings and shiny ornaments and sweet candy canes. But, putting those images at the back of my mind, I will return to my very recent memories of the beautiful New England Autumn…

Red is one of my favorite colors. It is bright and warm and makes me smile. This is especially true when it comes to Fall. I love the yellows and oranges of the changing leaves, but when I spy a tree whose leaves have all turned crimson and red, it feels almost magical. For leaves to change from bright green to their counter opposite, red, is rather amazing. It feels as if they have truly transformed, albeit for just a short spell, into something completely new and truly miraculous.


Mandi said…
these trees look like candy. it looks like i could pick them up and start licking them like big lollipops! i like the shape of them. they are so unique.

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