autumn alphabet: s is for spices

I am convinced that I have an extra-sensitive nose. A simple scent can affect my entire mood. As you can imagine, this quirky characteristic definitely has its pros and cons, but it seems perfectly lovely whenever the good smells are involved. Take, for instance, the spicy scents of Autumn. They make this time of year all the more comforting and peaceful. A waft of mulled cider, with its cinnamon and cloves, is always a sure sign that Fall has arrived. The scent of nutmeg sprinkled onto the Thanksgiving egg nog is a once-a-year treat. And, breads made from cardamom seeds evoke delightful memories of childhood.

I think that Fall is a season that intrigues all the senses. My nose is certainly thankful and definitely delighted.


Story said…
I already made my first batch of cardomom bread this year. We usually save it for Christmas but I wanted Josiah's family to try it and we were with them for Thanksgiving. I'm MAKING myself wait to make more a little closer to Christmas but I can't wait much longer.

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