autumn alphabet: t is for trees

I see the months leading up to winter as a buffer zone, a training session of sorts for the long, snowy isolation that begins with January’s first snowstorm. They prepare us gently for what’s to come. In my mind, this transition is also mirrored in the stages of autumn trees. They start out with a splendor of changing leaves, vibrant at first and then slowly changing to a more subtle beauty of mellow tones of burnt orange and mustard-y yellows. In due time, however, each leaf falls from branch to ground, leaving bare branches that have a unique beauty all their own. I suppose the loveliness in this is sometimes harder to see, as it can be with the long days of winter. But, I still love the look of lone branches, whether they are delicately silhouetted against a dusky sky or creating a magical maze of branches high in the air. Perhaps there is beauty to be found in all things, if we just take the time to look a little closer.


Rach said…
I like this photo. It seems a little unusual to see a photo on your blog since you usually just create your own images from scratch. But I think this was a good choice as it is still a little bit unusual from the way we normally look at our photograph trees. And trees are of course one of the most important parts of fall!

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