autumn alphabet: u is for under the covers

Fall provides the most perfect, relaxing sleeping weather of the entire year. I love waking to an Autumn morning. The air beyond my comforter is crisp and chilly, but beneath is a warm cocoon of hibernation. There is nothing better, and I have found only one disadvantage to this beautiful sleeping scenario: If it weren't for will power and a long list of responsibilities, I could easily sleep away many a lovely Fall day.


Alyssa said…
I can't wait for school to be over so I can actually take part in this wonderful thing more often. I totally agree that if it weren't for all the to-do's I'd be under my covers right now, adding to the four hours of sleep I was able to get after last night. I miss Fall already! I barely got to see it go by!
Rach said…
I really wish I was doing this right now too, especially since its freezing in here right now!!
Sarah said…
this is one of my favorite parts of fall!!

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